Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'll bet this one will look COOL with my blog colors!

Cat not included.
(Fortunately, Annie got in there just in time to make this the only decent photo of the mirror in its entirety.)

Quite a visual impact with all this black on magenta! I offered up a long-saved, tiny cup from a child's tea set and a butter pat from a very favorite English transferware pattern from the mid 1800's. I love the black and white paisley and small butterflies. Black onyx beads line the mirror's border, and you will find oodles of interesting jewelry bits and pieces, seeing something new each time you look at it.

The whole piece is a 16" round with the mirror portion measuring 9".
FABULOUS gift for Mom's Day, available in my etsy store!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring has finally Sprung!

The color freak girl child in me has been going nuts lately.
For a 5 x 7 photo...10.5 x 12 in. total.