Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A South Carolina Garden Wine Cooler

A brand new piece that has me wanting to do a dozen more just like it!
I did this for a wine o'clock friend with a new home on Sullivan's Island. I wanted the theme to be a mass of bold and saturated pink, purple and white flowers along with all the darling creatures one hopes to find in a garden.

Hot pink and green are one of my favorite color combos, and hers too.

Bunnies are special to her, so I used two treasured, vintage, costume brooches from my stash. I've saved the little pink flower earrings for surely a decade and finally their piece came along.
What is a garden without a massive flying insect? You can't see but he has red glass eyes, as does the albino bunny.

A gold butterfly for good luck...

And the finishing touch -- what has become known as The Liberace Bunny.
My personal favorite nuance!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The long, Great Grout Drought is over.

Praise Shiva!
I finally got a face full of grout dust. And sweat. And bugs. Two days, four pieces completed. I'll show the lazy susans here, but will wait to show the other two as they are surprises for folks who may (or may not) read this blog upon occasion.

I got some weird, farm theme thing stuck up my rear last spring. My maternal Grandma, Emma, had Brock farm scene dinnerware all through my youth, so I have sentimental attachments to that pattern. I found a few great chicken pattern plates on eBay as well, and used contemporary red Fiesta as the background. Mallard green grout looks cool, as does the red paint for the edge.

I heart the little donkey!

Pretty Flowers for a Pretty Susan

I need to get better shots of this piece but I'm too burned out tonight to attempt.
This is really gorgeous with great color contrast, against antique white grout with dark Cranberry Wine paint trim.

I used a bunch of great Homer Laughlin florals, some Woods, and the center focal point is a Royal Cauldon I've saved for years. Hard to part with. Hard to replace! I love the pattern and the central image. Such deep, rich colors.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Teapot Vases, Anyone?

I can't figure out why these professionally shot jpgs look so washed out when compared to my pitiful home photos. Maybe 'cuz they were shot for slides? Ya' think?
Oh well. We'll go with these for tonight.

The first one I call "Ambrosia" in honor of my deceased, paternal grandmother, Anne. She was an artist, a recovered alcoholic, and single for all the years I knew her, devoted to her toy poodle, "Tina". She liked sweet things, like ambrosia fruit salad, ice cream and candy. She died at her brother Walter's cabin in Asheville, NC, when I was in my first year of college at UCSB.

Du du du du dummmmmmmmmmm....

Laura Ann
An artist type.
Single... devoted to pets...suddenly living 30 miles from Asheville

(Thankfully, I was named for a great aunt on the other side of the fam. She committed suicide.)

Pass the wine and carrot cake, please.