Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A South Carolina Garden Wine Cooler

A brand new piece that has me wanting to do a dozen more just like it!
I did this for a wine o'clock friend with a new home on Sullivan's Island. I wanted the theme to be a mass of bold and saturated pink, purple and white flowers along with all the darling creatures one hopes to find in a garden.

Hot pink and green are one of my favorite color combos, and hers too.

Bunnies are special to her, so I used two treasured, vintage, costume brooches from my stash. I've saved the little pink flower earrings for surely a decade and finally their piece came along.
What is a garden without a massive flying insect? You can't see but he has red glass eyes, as does the albino bunny.

A gold butterfly for good luck...

And the finishing touch -- what has become known as The Liberace Bunny.
My personal favorite nuance!


Benjamin Fuzz said...

that's really beautiful! a great color combination, and so much detail!

thanks for sharing your art...

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Now that one would also go sooooooew well on my patio:))
I like it the best so far:) Heck I like it all....I LOVE IT ALL!
I want to learn how to do this!
Can I OJT?
Hugs Karla

Jelly said...

Really really really lovely. I want it!

Benjamin Fuzz said...

laura, i think it's great that we're finding each other. thank you for coming to 'litany'.

that particular blog scares me a little--makes me feel vulnerable. and still it is important to have the truth place.

the vulnerability, though, is where we meet, how relationships build, where we rediscover honesty and truth-telling. i will be vulnerable.

Benjamin Fuzz said...

how are you doing, laura? i haven't seen you post here in awhile. i hope you're ok.


Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Laure my friend...did you get my email last week? You are functioning, I can see....but how do you feel? Big BIG hugs from me:)
Karla & the Peach