Saturday, August 4, 2007

Teapot Vases, Anyone?

I can't figure out why these professionally shot jpgs look so washed out when compared to my pitiful home photos. Maybe 'cuz they were shot for slides? Ya' think?
Oh well. We'll go with these for tonight.

The first one I call "Ambrosia" in honor of my deceased, paternal grandmother, Anne. She was an artist, a recovered alcoholic, and single for all the years I knew her, devoted to her toy poodle, "Tina". She liked sweet things, like ambrosia fruit salad, ice cream and candy. She died at her brother Walter's cabin in Asheville, NC, when I was in my first year of college at UCSB.

Du du du du dummmmmmmmmmm....

Laura Ann
An artist type.
Single... devoted to pets...suddenly living 30 miles from Asheville

(Thankfully, I was named for a great aunt on the other side of the fam. She committed suicide.)

Pass the wine and carrot cake, please.

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