Saturday, July 28, 2007

My favorite birdhouse EVER (so far)

I did this one in Spring of 2006 and it remains a personal fave. It was one of the five slides I submitted to the Southern Highland Craft Guild and it will be one of the five pieces I take up to Asheville in August for the in-person jury for sure. I'm lucky that it lives here in my new hometown and WAS hanging on a friend's front porch until a few months ago when I snatched it for some professionally shot photos (these are my funky photos, not the pro's.) I snatched it just in time as the other birdhouse of mine hanging right next to it had a teeny baby birdling with a gaping mouth living inside. Momma bird watched me very nervously from a nearby tree as I took this one down, and I watched her (very nervously) from the car to be sure she flew back to her baby. I was afraid because I'd touched their home she would not go back and how could I live with that, huh?

I think the roof blows my mind. What's not to love about those great contrasting California pottery colors...purple, orange and chartreuse? The Universal Ballerina Iris on the front is another big plus, along with the Fiesta yellow tea cup handle as the front door knob. I even used vintage Fiesta ringware cups on the roof trim. Love that deep yellow. I was living in the southwest when I did it and it has such a vibrant, Santa Fe vibe to it, complete with stucco-colored grout.

As of today I have 9 new pieces done, ready for grouting. Any day now I'll be grouting. Really. I'm on a vase binge right now. Two done and three in process. I go in phases like that. Next I'll do wine coolers, and then I really want to get back into some photo frames and mirrors. It's a treat to bounce back and forth between curved, 3-D surfaces and flat, one-dimensional stuff like lazy susans, mirrors and frames.

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