Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Proof that I hate to grout

A bad photo of five new pieces that have been waiting for grout forever and ever. Grouting is the drudgery part of doing mosaics for me, surpassed only by housecleaning, cooking and grocery shopping in terms of my ability to procrastinate until I have no choice but to perform said drudge. I even have an idyllic wooden picnic table out in the front yard with a bit of shade over it on which to grout. Soon. Really. Soon.

I was very happy with the wine amphora. It's going to get dark purple grout. I want to find more of the big wine bottles now! I'm also pleased with the mirror. They are impossible for me to get good photos of, those pesky reflective objects, but I will try once it's grouted in antique white. Birdhouses are the bane of my pique assiette existence, and if the sharding is time consuming, you know the grouting sucks me dry. Ha! Those are lazy susans, the round mandala-like things. You can see several completed examples here.

You can see the wine amphora in its infancy, if you care, here...and I'd love it if you visited my new auctions over on eBay. I moved all my pieces from etsy to the Bay today since they just finally added the Mosaic Art categories in Home Decor. Have I mentioned anywhere on this blog that I love custom work? Email me! (lauraw at citcom dot net).

I've got about half a dozen pieces in various stages of non-completion right now so I've got big plans for upcoming weeks. I plan to drive up to Asheville for the Southern Highland Craft Guild show Friday. I'm so hoping that will inspire me. I'm halfway through the jury process for acceptance into the guild and depending upon what I see on Friday, I may just try to snag a booth for their October show.

Happy Sharding to you all!

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Benjamin Fuzz said...

your work is gorgeous and glorious! grouting is hard work and not fun. no wonder you procrastinate. :-)

you asked about fat eric having a girl friend...the answer not that i'm aware of. suzanne (who went to the bridge on 6/11) had a soft spot for him, and she also had one for obi at forty paws. feel free to carry on the love!

ben fuzz
lucy fur
mom toni