Monday, July 16, 2007

Er...Fire the Grid Tuesday?

Now that the cats have their OWN BLOG for CAT STUFF ONLY, I can get back to the original intent of this one: mosaics, mysticism and madness. You can decide if this post falls into the mad or the mystic file.

Tomorrow, 7/17/07, is Fire the Grid Day. I surfed upon this subject and must've spent two hours watching Shelley Yates talk on YouTube. I just tried to click on, but the server is a tad busy. One can imagine! Anyway, it's of interest to me and maybe you. The deciding factor for me to consider participating was when I saw that the precise moment of the galactic grid meditation was 7/17 at 7:11am EST. I was born 2/17, 7:11am (PST). If I were still in Colorado it'd be 5:11am. Always looking for signs and synchronicities to quell the chaos between my ears -- I'm there.

I'd planned to go up the stone steps in the back yard to the cool picnic table on the landing and have contemplative time with whatever fur kids wanted to join, but Leah the Dawg has to be at Animals of Eden Vet Hospital (nice name, huh?) at 7:30am for surgery to remove what may be a tumor on the top of her front, left paw. God forbid a week should pass and we not be there at least twice for something. More on all that tomorrow.

And here's the mosaic part. I'm nuts for this mirror. It's relatively new, and probably a good companion photo for this post, even though the colors looked a bit washed out in these shots. Much more vibrant in color contrast in person. It's in my etsy shop right now (see shiny sidebar ----> ) but I'm moving all my pieces, and hopefully some new ones, to eBay as soon as they add some mosaic-specific categories over in Home Decor. I'd prefer the new mosaic categories to be in Art, but at least it's something, I suppose.


Finnegan & Buddy said...

The mirror is gorgeous! And I absolutely love the cat!! You're very creative and I'm going to enjoy reading your blog (and the cats') and gazing at your works of art.

I've tried teaching myself mosaicing (?) but it seems my teacher doesn't know what she's talking about! Actually, one of my biggest problems has been using the nippers to break down the pieces of tile or china - my hands are kind of weak from carpal tunnel syndrome and possibly arthritis. Boy this getting old stuff sucks sometimes!

Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts, mosaics and cats. My guys have a blog and I do too, but mine is consumed with bicycle riding right now.

Oh, and welcome to North Carolina! I hope you enjoy it - I've lived here about 15 years and find it to be a wonderful place.

Nora (mom-bean to Finny & Buddy)

Carol said...

Eck! I soooo forgot all about the Fire-The-Grid this morning. I wonder if doing it sometime through the course of the day will still count ... I'll have to give it a shot and hope for the best. (LOL)

Wow! What a small world it is! I'm in Marion. I would love to live in Brevard (feel slightly envious of ya' *hee*!). It's a beautiful area and the place I most love to go camping is there near the fish hatchery.