Sunday, July 1, 2007

Snapfish Rules (Bottomless well o' grief)

I was just in the bedroom sobbing over Walter again, wondering if it's ever going to get easier. Will I ever string a few days together in which I don't dwell in guilt, regret, grief and despair? I printed out some of my favorite final photos of him (all the years prior are trapped on a dead iMac and a dead iBook for now) so I was shuffling through the images, thinking of how I might frame and display them when I can bear it.

In my inbox was notification from Snapfish that my poster has shipped. I had to get a new HP printer to interface with my new MacBook Pro and along with all that came 20 free prints on Snapfish. I finally got up the energy to upload a ton of my fur fotos last week and order a lot of prints for me and to send to friends and fam. AND, then I saw their collage poster feature. You can guess the rest. I'm going to hang it in my mosaic studio, which happens to have the perfect empty vertical wall space. It also happens to be the room he dragged himself into that horrible morning and the room in which I struggled to get him into the crate. He did not want to go, in more ways than 22.

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