Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A very fave from my North Carolina "early" period

It's odd that I'm so enamored with this mantle clock, being the color freak that I am. I was very dubious about combining the seafoam green glass and African jade beads with the neutral tones of white, brown and black on the clock face. But I love it! There is a richness to this piece and a sense that I wouldn't do one thing differently if I did it over. I don't always feel that way. It helps that I used some very old and very rare brown and white and black and white transferware pieces. But down to the perfectly-matched six pairs of vintage earrings as the number markers, this piece did border on the mystical for me. It therefore makes a great photo for this blog header. (As CoCo the Cat is the perfect header for the cats' blog.)

I've got the clock listed on eBay right now, but if it doesn't sell in the next few weeks, it will definitely be one of the five pieces I submit to the Southern Highland Craft Guild in August for the second phase in the jury process. Got my instruction sheets today. Five of my BEST works, they suggest, from the last two years. Luckily, I've sold most of them, but I do have access to several good pieces that belong to a friend/collector nearby.

I wouldn't have been so concerned with the BEST work issue but I recently learned that only 10% of the slide submissions make it on to round two, and only 10% of those artists are accepted into the Guild. So we'll see how I do in the final qualifying round. Won't know till the end of September. This thing drags on! (I did not make it up to the semi-annual folk art fair last week after all. Too much going on with the fur kids and their health issues for me to want to take a full day away.)

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