Friday, June 22, 2007

The transcendence in wine o'clock

The transcendent will come of its own accord when the container is strong enough.

This hangs on my fridge in my own handwriting. It inspires me deeply, as does its author, Marion Woodman -- beyond-brilliant Jungian analyst and one of my most treasured writers/thinkers/feelers in this lifetime. I believe I own every book she's written, or collaborated upon, or contributed to. Dip your soul's toes into the vastness that is she with a few choice interviews, conveniently transcribed for us in one place. I'm an absolute freak for dream work. Tracking her as she decodes dream samples contained in her books makes me wet. Really. I'm that hot for good dream work.

I'm also hot for good wine. Staying with the Jungian analyst theme, if an "over fondness" for spirits is merely a surface level, externalized, concretized symptom of a far deeper yearning for Spirit, is it possible that turning this massive empty wine bottle that I've saved for a decade into a pique assiette wine amphora will quench my thirst? Will the transcendent come of its own accord into my life more fully once I grout it in dark purple? How about if I drink more wine? Who can say. As Brugh Joy would admonish: "Don't pathologize The Mystery." (Which is a phrase that anybody with an "over fondness" for wine and spirits should keep on hand for moments when others far less self-actualized and un-transcendent are giving you grief and trying to pathologize your ass.)

Speaking of good wine, Biltmore Estate is all the rage here in NC and I recently began to explore their wines, readily available in GROCERY STORES here on any day of the week! This in blessed contrast to Colorado where the only "booze" one could find in a food market was a 3.2% wine cooler, beer, or Zima type thingey. And liquor stores must close on Sunday in CO, and on Christmas. One of the many reasons I am quite happy with my new home state. The other main one being NO SNOW to speak of.

Biltmore Estate Winery is up in Asheville, which is less than an hour from me. I intend to visit one day, but for now, I'm hopelessly hooked on their Chenin Blanc. It's a heapin' mouth full brimming with apricot jam and ripe, sweet pear nectar. Just enough acidity remains, along with a shockingly smooth and full body. $5.51 at my local Sav-Mor! The Riesling didn't do anything for me and I've been trying to be frugal and drink wines under $10 when I do drink so I'm currently doing my find-a-good-thing-and-beat-it-to-death, repetitive OCD ritual with the Chenin. But I can see from their Wines page that I need to try the Sauv Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and perhaps even their seasonal Festival of Flowers blend. (I am physically unable to drink red wines in heat, damn Pitta constitution. But maybe just a wee sip of their Pinot?) I feel a tasting trip is in order, perhaps next month when I visit the Southern Highlands Craft Guild's 60th Annual Craft Fair. I'm halfway through the jury process for membership, aspiring to be accepted by late August in hopes of scoring a booth for the October Craft Fair. I have not been able to find any other mosaic artists on their web site or in their member directory, so I'm hopeful that this might be a very nice affiliation for me. In the event that another artist bails out on their booth for October and I can snag it...a very good carrot on a stick to place under my nose (or swirling glass of wine, if you prefer) to keep me creating creating and transcending transcending.

It's in that surrender to the transcendent that art is created.
-Marion Woodman

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