Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lazy farm susan in progress

Not sure what it is about moving from rural SW Colorado to rural NW North Carolina that seems to have brought out the repressed farm girl/survivalist in me, but I recently got a big thing up my butt about hoarding not just sani-wipes, but china and pottery patterns with farm motifs.

My 92-year-young maternal Grama Emma, still alive and kicking in Napa, CA, with my mom, used a Brock pattern for her tableware throughout my entire childhood, so that predisposes me to a fondness for that maker. Bucks County has some cool patterns I've used in the past, and a search on eBay for chicken plates yielded more fun stuff. I started with this lazy susan but have a whole corner of a room dedicated to collecting all manner of farm themed pieces with a vision of grabbing me a huge hunk o' hardibacker from Lowe's and going to town, or farm, on a wall panel/backsplash. Maybe if I do get that booth for the Southern Highlands Craft Fair in October. I think the Bucks County sugar bowl lid is awesome, and with any luck I can split the rooster egg cup in half cleanly. And the Amish woman just plain old looks like me. Wonder can I find me a husband like hers in these parts?

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