Friday, October 26, 2007

Everyone's a critic! Yet another wine carafe...glug glug.

Mmmmmmmmmm...Red Fiesta has a good flavor!

I finally realized that my digital camera needs ALKALINE batteries to function. I tried to shoot this last Sunday and since then have twice brought home cheap, non-alkalines, which are very non-functional. At least I know it's not the camera. Dysfunctional operator error, as usual.

Doesn't this just say Bitchen Kitchen? I'll enter it in the etsy Bitchen Kitchen Mosaic Challenge. All the cute little flower pot patterned plates have been in my inventory for years and years. There comes a day, even for me, when you look at something you've moved, and moved around, a bazillion times and say to yourself: "Self...use it or lose it. NOW!" Paden City and Crooksville, I think? And a bit of Homer Laughlin. I paired them with some awesome new red Fiesta and some very fun vintage jewelry accoutrement. I loves me some my tacky shiny embellishments.

I can see that these photos are not good enough for the competition so I'll have to re-shoot some. You can hardly see the darling little bumble bee up above with the wings that move. Be sure to click on to enlarge all the photos.

This neat green rhinestone fly is from a pair of pins I got on eBay a couple months ago from Whiskers Rescue.
They are one of my favorite sellers to patronize as they spay and neuter feral cats in New Jersey and care for them in their existing colonies, providing food and medical care. Really great people to support!

The wings quiver on that hummingbird, and the tail on the tiny turtle moves too, which is handy, since it moves out of the way without breaking when you set the carafe down.

Too bad the bitchen bottle of Georges Duboeuf Shiraz (why does a man with that last name not call it Syrah?) does not show well in my crappy photos. The colors and design are very funky and appropriate for the carafe.

I'll put this in my etsy store and enter it in the Bitchen Kitchen Challenge as soon as I get another decent photo or two with adequate lighting.
Two new wine carafes grouted...four to go.

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