Sunday, October 21, 2007

Who am I and what have I done with Laura the Uninspired?

I don't know if it's the season or the coming holiday season or my Uranus emerging from its retrograde pattern or what -- but I'm suddenly a whirl of mad mosaic inspiration. I won't analyze it (too much.) I'll just make hay while my emotional sun is shining.

Perhaps it was the muse-like inspiration of the adorable foster kitties, Smudge & Lucy?
You can learn more about them than you probably want to know at the cats' blog.

I've got about 5 of these carafes to finish up (that would mean GROUTING, painting, sealing), but I've done the first two since they got the fun embellishments. That inspires me! My carrot on the grout stick. The other 3 are embellishment-less, so they will be quicker. And a bit less fun.

I just listed this one in my etsy store and will plagiarize my own self by cutting and pasting my text here:

This cheery and super-bright new piece was inspired by a vintage Titan Ware plate by Adams. The sunflower garden just called for a matching array of Fiesta shards. It has a bit of a southwestern, desert feel to it. Very warm.

I am nuts about using vintage jewelry embellishments on some of my new work, so here you'll see a tiny turtle, a big butterfly, and three flowers. I chose to paint it in a bright orange which pairs nicely with the Fiesta against neutral antique white grout. The African jade beads up top finish the whole piece up beautifully. Sealed for protection and signed by me, Laura!

The carafe stands 7 1/2" tall and is 4 1/4" across the open part of the mouth which allows room for most bottles of wine plus one of those handy dandy freezable wine chiller sleeves!

(or so I've heard. HA!)

I've got projects in progress and dusty pieces begging for grout. And a million more ideas making my head explode. Somehow I think I'll carry through and get a ton of new stuff done by year's end, including making ALL of my gifts this year. I have some really exciting ideas along those lines.

So watch this space! I promise to have fresh stuff slathered upon it more frequently!
(and thanks for visiting and for all the lovely comments and feedback. Please remember my etsy store over in the sidebar for all of your holiday shopping needs.)

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Benjamin Fuzz said...

go laura go! your work is so beautiful! i'm glad you've gotten a little inspiration to work.

on my end, i'm uninspired and mostly tired. if i wanted to be honest, i'd say i'm a bit depressed, and that blogging has lost my interest since suzanne died. i'm not sure i want to be honest.

i do love ben and lucy. but they're not my girl. they're just not. she had such a sweet personality, and i felt her love.

thanks for 'listening'. :-)