Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wherein I steal my own idea. From myself.

Welp, I said I wanted to do a dozen more just like this one that I did for a friend last summer. This is pretty close, but I left off the flying insects and fuzzy little four-legged darlings. And all references to Elton and Liberace. But I'm HAPPY to add them if it makes a buyer HAPPY!

The green grout, china florals (lots of Homer Laughlin Rhythm patterns), and metallic, rose pink paint combo just...well...make me HAPPY, let's just say.

I'm really struggling to get decent photos lately, shooting them in three different spots outside on the decks just to end up with five acceptable submissions that are not shadowed, glaring, too light, too dark. Time to get some indoor sewing lamps and some flat, monochromatic backdrops. I'm sure you are as weary as I of the wrinkled, tacky tablecloths. Tres gauche.

Obviously, I would use this as a wine carafe. It would also make a loverly utensil crock, paintbrush holder, drumstick repository?

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